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We've been taking the guesswork out of important business decisions for over 10 years – we're a market research company based in Christchurch and we conduct research projects throughout New Zealand.

We work closely with clients, consultants and research agencies to design the best research approach – whether it's expanding into a new market, gaining a better understanding of your customers, testing advertising and label concepts or something else.

Our digital research methods provide in-depth, robust and reliable results regardless of your company size or budget.

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Our main goal is to help you better understand your audience
and make well-informed business decisions.

Online Discussion Focus Group using technology

Online Discussion Focus Group

Online Discussion Focus Groups are a highly effective research tool for uncovering consumer behaviour and experiences, segmenting target markets, exploring new markets, creating and testing new products, and testing advertisement concepts and product labels.

You will have access to a full transcript with research outcomes that are rich, meaningful and drive action within your business.

How do our Online Discussion Focus Groups work?

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Digital Devices

Using their own choice of device, a panel of up to 30 pre-selected participants join the interactive discussion

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Run over 3 days

Increased engagement running over 3 days with participants logging in multiple times, anytime, anywhere.

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Anonymity encourages more open and honest sharing of experiences, thoughts and opinions.

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Written Input

Participants share their thoughts and opinions to set questions, provide written responses and enjoy a penned group discussion with other participants in the group.

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You will have access to a full transcript with research outcomes that are rich, meaningful and drive action within your business.

Find out more about Online Discussion Focus Groups.

Online Focus Groups

Blending traditional focus groups with digital platforms allows us to uncover in-depth insight into our target audiences.

How do our Online Focus Groups work?

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Digital Devices

Similar to a Zoom meeting, our Online Focus Groups are conducted on digital devices with the use of webcams.

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Moderated sharing

The moderator shares a range of research methods to spur discussion, gather viewpoints and brainstorm, these include interactive visual aids such as single and multiple-choice polls, heat maps, online whiteboards, videos and images. 

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Runs for 60 to 90 minutes

Online Focus Groups typically run for 60 to 90 minutes in real time with 4 to 6 participants. Tech-support is provided, and a video captures the session.

Online Focus Groups are ideal for consumer research in order to reach:

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Geographically spread consumers.
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Hard to reach demographics including youth, professionals and males.
Women participating in an Online Focus Groups
Traditional Focus Group Discussion

Traditional Focus Groups

Traditional Focus Groups are still used when it is crucial for the moderator to gauge a participant's response to hands-on experiences such as tasting, feeling, or trying on new clothing designs.

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Participants are in the same room

Groups typically run for 1.5 to 2 hours with up to 8 participants.

Structured discussion guide

We thoroughly research and prepare a comprehensive and structured discussion guide to lead participants through conversation points. This guide is shared with you to ensure we are on track to meet their needs and your desired output.  

We're experts in moderation

A successful Focus Group is reliant on the skill of the moderator – they need to extract vital information from participants and reduce 'group think' mentality.

We are experienced in running successful Focus Groups, and we know how important it is to get this right.


Heatmaps are an interactive visual aid used in qualitative research, they can be used standalone or in a Focus Group.

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Powerful qualitative research tool

Heat Mapping is used to test creative elements and gather insights about digital images. They are particularly effective where branding and packaging impacts a buyer’s decision.

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We use Heatmaps to test...

Marketing concepts, advertisements, new products, packaging, brand development and consumer behaviour.

How does it work?

Participants click on a digital image and place a positive or negative marker explaining their rationale for their rating. Heat Maps use colour to visualise data and provide visual storytelling and an instant feel for an area by displaying the marker density visually. The brighter the colour, the higher the density of markers.

Heapmaps testing creative elements for branding and packaging.
Client Stories

What our clients say

We investigated how our new products would be received by different demographics and nationalities.

The information we received was invaluable, and helped us decide which factors were important to which type of consumer.

We also tested our packaging and marketing materials and have since altered them based on the market feedback.

Katherine Reardon

I was working with a technology client who was entering the B2B market. They were seeking the perspectives of small business owners about existing and future products.

Rachel drove the project, provided excellent client service, and delivered a very comprehensive report – on time and budget.

Rachel and the team at Trailblazer were very client-focused. They helped us navigate our way through discussion boards, which we used as a COVID-19 friendly replacement to focus groups.

We were pleased with the outcome of the discussion boards – the engagement from participants was phenomenal.  

It’s a great data collection tool for the consumer voice, and we’ll definitely use discussion boards again.


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